88 Media In 2011 was established with an experienced, young and dynamic staff; is a media company that offers better service and renews with its strong solution partners, and includes advertising agency, digital media and PR services.

He believes that creative communication based on the right strategy adds permanent values to brands; We anticipate that all communication tools will work integrated in terms of brand establishment and brand sustainability. On this basis, in the advertising agency, digital media and pr services we host; We use all traditional and digital communication methods that are directed by our creative power, and where necessary, we integrate with our strong solution partners.

As “Plus Magazine”, we have taken our first step into the press world by publishing our first issue in October 2019 simultaneously in important digital channels with the e-magazine format in order to make whatever adds value to life more valuable.

It appeals to audiences of all ages who have adopted the modern and urban lifestyle, who aspire to be the best in all areas of life with their original content in many categories such as city life, business, travel, technology, decoration, shopping, style and fashion, health, sports. In addition, each month a special shooting, carries interviews and research papers on the most recent developments in Turkey and the world page.

We are on all digital channels to be accessible anytime, anywhere!


Corporate Identitiy and Logo Design
Graphic and Ad Design
Campaign Design
Product Design (Packaging Solutions)
Visual Identity


Promotion Film
Advertising Fiilm
Video and Photography
Video Animation
Social Media Viral, Photography and Video
3D Max

PR & Media Communications

Corporate Media Communication
Creative Events, Sponsorship and Organization Management
Digital Pr Management
Influencer Marketing
Creative Content Management


Digital Media Planning and Purchasing
Digital Marketing Management
Website, E-commerce, Microsite Design and Software Development
Email Marketing Communication and Banner Design
SEO, SEM Service and Management

Corporate Communication & Brand Consultancy

Brand Positioning and Brand Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communication Management
Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy
Social Media Communication Strategy and Management

Social Media

360’ Social Media Communication Management
Social Media Content Creation, Design and Management
Social Media Design
Social Media Photo and Video Shooting
Social Media Sponsored Advertising Management